Gayle Nicoletti

Bloomingayles’ founder and owner Gayle Nicoletti has a non-traditional
style of creating arrangements which is described as European with a West Coast twist.
Gayle herself affectionately refers to her look as
“Ramshackle Chic”

“I grew up in New York City and began my love affair with plants and flowers at the Botanic Gardens in Prospect Park.

My parents entertained guests from all parts of the world and my sister and I adored helping my mother to set the table with candles, flowers, place cards and unique decorative objets d’art.  My father would take us beachcombing for hours and he instilled in me a lifelong appreciation of searching for natural treasures. To this day I continue to pursue my passion at the flower market, local growers, farmers markets, flea markets, hiking in the woods, mountains and now beachcombing with my son.

I am visually inspired by the entire life of the flower, from seedling to the last petal falling to the tabletop as the arrangement continually changes as it nears the end of its bloom.” — gayle nicoletti