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Backyard Bouquets















Ever since I started Bloomingayles, I have always been asked by fellow flower lovers, “how did you learn to arrange flowers?” and “how do you come up with your ideas?.

I love learning, teaching & creating in various medias, but I am particularly drawn to flowers & plants. I have taken art classes since I was a little girl.  I was born in Brooklyn and grew up going to the Botanic Gardens in Prospect Park, the zoo at Central Park, the mountains & lakes in upstate New York, and the beach at Cape May Point, New Jersey.  I am inspired by nature, the sky, clouds, the sea, art, fashion, poetry, people, emotions, animals… inspiration is truly limitless.

Imagination & dreams.

When I am arranging flowers, I feel as though I am painting a picture with the flowers, in place of a brush or pen. I have been teaching “pop-up” floral design workshops in different venues and my most recent was “Backyard Bouquets” in my own garden in Mill Valley. I am currently planning the schedule for classes this Autumn.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like to be added to my class list for future workshop dates. Here are a few photos taken by Kathleen Harrison of the “Backyard Bouquets” workshop & there are more posted on Bloomingayles facebook.