Archives for November 2011

Seasonal Preserved Arrangement for Lululemon’s Yoga Studio

Lululemon in Marin asked me to make a seasonal design for their
boutique and weekend classes.

I wrapped a container with birch bark and gathered eucalyptus pods, defoliated them, dried the vintage color hydrangeas and purple fountain grass, added deep vermillion color rose hips and hot lemon yellow Banksia from South Africa to complete in offbeat autumnal hues.

It has been so well received that the San Francisco Lululemon has asked me to make one for them, too!

Autumnal Symphony in Green, White and Aubergine!

Fall Flower ArrangementMy clients in Seacliff wanted a welcoming display for the Fall Season that was also  long lasting to bring them through Thanksgiving.

I designed this vignette with hand picked (by me) decorative kale, New Zealand blue (green) and white pumpkins and gathered a lush wheat bouquet,
at one of my favorite places, Oak Hill Farms in Sonoma.