Archives for August 2011

Gorgeous Peony

Stunningly beautiful Coral Tree Peony… maybe I’m amazed.

Zygopetalum Orchid And Tillandsias

I placed my favourite orchid, the Zygopetalum (Leopard Coloured!)
in a gunmetal grey matte planter with an artificial Tillandsia and a live one.


Can you tell which one is which?

Luscious “Cool Water” Lavender Colour Garden Roses And Lilac

These breathtaking roses and lilac were awaiting a client returning home from a trip abroad and she is a Master Gardner!

I knew they had to be simply sublime.

Mr. Lauder’s Walking Sticks & Birch Bark

I foraged through all of the birch bark to find one perfectly sized and shaped to
wrap around it’s vase to fill it with Hazelnut Branches (known as Mr. Lauder’s Walking Sticks) and fragrant white Oriental Lillies.  When the Lillies are spent, the branches can remain in the birch container and self-preserve.